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Love Your Bathtub Again With Blackstone Refinishing Services

Tub and Tile Refinishing

Tub and tile refinishing is a cost effective alternative to upgrade your outdated tub and tile surround. Blackstone Refinishing can refinish your tub and tile without you breaking the bank on an expensive bathroom renovation. We use only materials and products that have been field tested and have been proven to withstand the many conditions your tub and tile can be exposed to. Providing the substrate behind the tile is solid, the tile can be refinished.

Tub to Shower Conversion

Our installation systems provide you with an affordable and safe walk-in tub, without the expense of a lengthy renovation. Blackstone Refinishing tub and shower conversion systems are very popular in seniors’ residences in the Calgary area.

We convert your existing bathtub into a shower unit by creating an opening approximately the same height as a conventional shower base without the expensive renovation costs, thereby giving easier and more comfortable access into the tub area.

Fiberglass Tub Floor Inlays

Fiberglass tub floor inlays are not to be confused with tub liners. A tub liner covers the entire tub and the inlay covers only the flat, floor area of the tub. Fiberglass tub floor inlays offer a permanent solution to cracked fiberglass, acrylic, plastic and certain cultured marble tub and shower floors, even those with holes in them. No more sagging or spongy floors to worry about and no leaking tubs and showers. You can now have your tub floor repaired by having our fiberglass tub floor inlay, or a shower floor inlay installed on to your acrylic or fiberglass or plastic tub or shower floor, at a fraction of the cost of a renovation.

Quick Tub Conversions

Blackstone Refinishing has been successfully installing tub-to-shower conversion systems since 2007. During this time, one common comment from customers was that some members of the family only took a bath, and that others were strictly shower people. Only two tub conversion systems were available at that time – one that converted their tub into a walk-in tub with a door, and the other was a strictly a tub-to-shower conversion. After doing lengthy research for a system that would work for everyone in the family, the Quick

 Tub Step In Bath and Shower Conversion System was tested and is now being installed in homes in Calgary, as well as senior care residences. We now have a product that truly offers the best of both worlds in the shower and bathing industry.

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Who We Serve

Whether you are considering refinishing your tub and tile, or doing a tub to shower conversion. It is our hope,that you will find this website informative as you go through the decision making process, and by viewing our cost effective and alternate options to a complete bathroom renovation.

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