Published on 07/03/2019 8:14 am
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MyDirect IRA is an Education Established Financial Services company. We help anyone from Real Estate developers looking to procedure their retirement accounts on a new investment, to Retirees with the simplest questions around RMD's and contribution limits.

Who's MyDirect?

We're a team of attorneys, paralegals, CPA's and other professionals, combined to help individuals looking for an education based advisor specializing in Retirement Plan investing. We help clients across America utilize their IRA & 401k accounts for investments OUTSIDE the typical stocks and bonds.

We specialize in helping clients use their current IRA's and 401k's for private investments like Real Estate, Promissory Notes, Start-up businesses, Tax Liens and much more.

Want to own a Rental Property in your IRA? We can help. Want to buy shares in a private venture with your 401k? We can help. Want to be a private lender with your Retirement Account? Have other unique ideas? We can help.

By taking the time to analyze exactly what our clients are trying to accomplish with their Retirement Account, we help you to navigate the investment landscape with confidence, while keeping you compliant with state and federal law throughout.

More investment freedom and options, with direct access to your own hard-earned money, that’s our mission at MyDirect IRA. Let us, help you.

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Call us: Phone 800-215-2120


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